Monday, January 09, 2006

The Nut Low

Wow, I think I am in love. I did nicely the last three days grinding away at the Party limit HE tables. I was pleased with my results due to improved patience and of course some luck. I promptly took my earning and sat down at a few Omaha Hi/Lo tables of the same stakes. The bad news is, I put a small dent in my bankroll. The good news is, I love this stuff. It took me about an hour to settle into solid Omaha play. I had to dig back to the archives and recall the info I picked up reading Mike Capeletti's book. I didn't play all that much OH8 while actually reading the book but I really enjoyed the content and simply filed it away for future reference.

After about two hours, I stabilized my game and doubled up at my last table to minimize the overall damage to my bankroll. Overall not a great showing but I felt very comfortable by the end of my session and I really enjoyed the play. I have never had as much fun at the limit tables, nor have I felt that good poker was occurring at the limit tables. I really feel that OH8 involves some skill and I can actually control my destiny there. Well at least I have the potential to control it. Let's see what the next few sessions reveal.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sinking Low

I wanted to reintroduce limit holdem to my repetoire. I will only spend about 25% of my poker time playing limit. It is most likely what I will play when I visit the casino again and I like to play the occasional limit tournament. One of my 2006 goals is to expand my game selection and improve on those games. I almost forgot how frustrating limit poker is. I am going to stick with it because I think it helps me to develop even thicker skin. We all know the kind of junk you see at the low stakes limit tables. I am not convinced that going up to higher stakes will solve the problem so I am just going to stay at the low stakes until I either destroy my bankroll bleed from my eyes or rise above it.

I rejuvenated an old account I have on Party Poker and that is where I can be found playing limit HE at the lowest stakes they offer. There is always tons of action there and in theory it should be the best fishing grounds. I also play an occasional sit n' go there to keep my bankroll alive and thriving but that is a whole different post.

I plan to explore some books on limit strategy and keep my head straight. Let's see what happens.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Who Cares?

I came across this ridiculous Greg Raymer story on Poker Gazette. This seems appropriate for a real estate magazine but didn't even remotely interest me. These guys really are starving for content. First they let Hellmuth write stories and now this.

Monte Carlo Confusion

I read about Phil Ivey winning a tournament in Monte Carlo recently. Two tournaments actually. He is a bad ass and it has been painful to watch him not do well in the televised tournaments I see him play. He doesn't exactly need my sympathy but he tends to make great calls but runs into bad luck all the time on TV poker. I'm sure he makes up for it in his cash game performances and has had some impressive wins. It is difficult to be consistent in tournament poker and we all have our share of bad luck.

I was watching Monte Carlo Millions on TV. I liked the format of the show and was expecting Phil to win based on what I recalled reading. He was the chip leader most of the tournament. I saw the last 3 episodes. I missed the first one. In the last episode, it gets down to the last three, Phil, Juha Helpi and Jani Sointula. Phil is in a hand heads up with Joni with top pair, Joni goes all-in on a draw and Phil pauses for a while then calls. It was a pretty impressive call considering the board. Joni hits his open ended straight and all of sudden Phil gets busted out in third place. I was a bit confused. I still am. The Monte Carlo Millions site shows Phil as the winner. It must have seen a different tournament. Maybe it was the second time they held the tournament since the website says Phil wins the first one held. I am still poking around trying to figure it out.
Well winning the fist and coming in third at a later event. Impressive stuff!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Ultimate Bunk

I used to play 90% of my poker at UB. About a month ago I started to have problems with the UB software. When I open the software, none of the tables appear. I tried reinstalling the software, clearing caches, purging my Windows registry and a variety of other things. I even uninstall Ultimatebuddy to see if that would help. I could join a table if I luanched it from my Ultimatebuddy list but that would not help me to start a SnG or MTT. It left me only able to jump into ring games that people in my list were already playing. That does not work for me since I rarely play ring games and never on UB. I emailed support and got two seperate and feeble responses which did not help. I started playing all of my SnGs at Bodog. I miss the UB tournaments though. Maybe someday I can go back once I find the time or insight to get the issue resolved.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Back!

I never had a ton of sage poker advice to offer and playing poker was always more interesting than talking about it in this forum but I decided to give it another attempt. I am still unclear what value I will add but once again I am mostly interested in self improvement and maybe sharing some views and resources I encounter. Let's see how it goes this time. This time, I promise I will use spell check.

Monday, April 25, 2005

$30 NL MT UB

17 out of 124
(in the money)

I wasnt getting any good cards or flops leading up to 30/60 blinds.
I got a few small pocket pairs but the flops were not encouraging. I got 66 again and raised preflop. The flop was rags all smaller than my pair and I pushed all in with my remaing 600 chips. I got called by 88 but sucked out on a diamond flush and was still alive.

AJ of spades, 2 callers who either flopped a straigt or made it on the turn put me over4k when I hit the nut flush on the turn. I had many out with two spades on the flop and a gutshot draw to the nut straight if a Q hit. That put me 7th out of 76 just before the break.

The blinds are now 50/100 and I am 13 out of 69.

Q8 of clubs in the SB and a flop full of clubs puts me over 10k when a guy hits trip Ts and pays me off. Blinds are now 150/300 and I am 5th out of 37.

My AJ vs 88 and no help puts me down to 6600 in chips and 12th out of 30.

I am down to 6810 at the break and 12th out of 24.
A bonehead move with AT puts me out in 17th place but at least I break even.

11PM $50 NL MT on PokerRoom

56 out of 183

I am dealt AQ and get 2 pair but sense trouble and ran into a straight on the flop and lose half my stack. Next good hand is 88 with no help on the flop with overcards and I folded to large bet.
AQ I push all in with 550, get called by KT
He hits T on turn and but I get a Q on river to double up.
1175 at 25/50 with 124 remaining

88 and I play them agressive get rags on the flop, go all-in and reach 1635
AQ again and everyone folds to me on the button. I raise to 400, blinds fold
72 of 103 at 50/100 blinds with 1585 in chips

AKd andI riase 400 get reriased to 700 by AJ, no help for either of us on the flop. He pushes me all-in on the flop and I double up when AK high wins.
40 out of 84 before the break with 3020 in chips

After the break we go to 75/15 blinds. The chip leader has 9700
AQ again but I run into TT with no help and I am down to 1690.
61 out of 76 with 1465 after the blinds.

Lots of sparks at 100/200. I was down to 1240 putting me 64 out of 69.
No playable hand on my BB of 200. I push all-in with990 after posting my SB of 100 and am back up to 1440 when one caller and the BB fold.

I raise with A8 UTG and everyone folds putting me at 1540
KT on BB, lots of betting and I fold.

I push all-in with KQ from the button and am up to 1640.
51 of 56

TT and I push again from MP and run into AA and I am out in 56th.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

More SnG Action

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday's Summary of SnG Action

$20 SnG UB

$20 SnG UB

$20 SnG UB

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$20 SnG on PokerRoom

$10 SnG on PokerRoom

$30 11AM UB MT

I like this tournament and try to play it each day. It really is the biggest buyin I should be participating in based on the bankroll I keep on UB. I try to make frequent withdrawls on UB and everywhere else keeping a max of about $200 on most sites these days. There are usually about 120 people who play this each day. I have been taking notes on the regulars for a few weeks since I see a lot of the same faces. It can get pretty frustrating to sit with agressive players and not have any clue about what they are playing and how they behave.

Sometimes I goof off a bit early on but try to keep it pretty smart until we get down to about 60 people and 150/300 blinds where I get more agressive. Right now the blinds are 30/60 with 77 people left and I am still at the original 1500 chips after the first break. Thanks to pocket Aces and a goofy call or two I am holding steady at my original stack. I could think of worse positions to be in at this point.

As usual, my fairly conservative play is allowing me success when I do get agressive in early position to scoop some pots to build my stack slowly. At this point I still limp when possible with small pairs and suited connectors and fold to reraises.

I proceed to play KJ of clubs and overvalue my top pair on the flop from late position and even though I hit a 3rd J on the turn to beat the pocket Q's I am against, I lose most of my chips to a lucky heart flush leaving me with 210 chips. I push all-in on the next hand with A3 of spades and hit a miracle 2-6 straight against AQ putting me back at 770 chips. Gulp..

With 61 people 75/150 blinds and only 610 chips I push from EP with KT and get called by an Ace who hits a wheel to bust me out. His high card would have been enough anyway. Better luck and play next time.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Back in Black

I placed 1st in two $20 SnGs before bed to put me back in the black and recover from my lame performance in the 2pm $100 MT on UB. I get excited when I see a tournament with a $4000 payout , 50 registered and 20 minutes before it starts. Of course in that twenty minutes it jumped up to 115 people registered dropping the payout for 1st down to $2800. Very early in the tournament I foolishly check my K high heart fush to allow another player to fill up with 2s full of 8s on the river. This crippled me badly. The same player fills up again to beat another small flush when I am all-in and I am out very early. It is a painful loss but it is mitigated by my wins later that night and I am reminded to be more prudent with my spend and play. I should have waited to a win TEC before playing this level.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Afternoon MTs

$30 MT
Bombed out of the 11am $30 MT chasin the nut flush. I am such a silly rabbit.

10$ MT
22nd(in the money)

Fell out of the 12pm NL MT in 22nd place when my AJ got sucked out against 99 for a set on the river. It was the 2nd hand in a row I got AJ and couldnt bare folding it again preflop. The first time was calling an all-in and another caller. No Thanks! It would have lost to trip Js anyway. The second time the same caller with the J's put in a small riase pre-flop and I knew this time I had him. Well I had him until the river. Oh well! I can only get in with the best and hope it works out. At least I was in the money. Well it was a mostly break even scenario and 2.5 hours of practice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

$10 MT 1230AM Aruba Feed

12 out of 67

I dont know that I will be lucky enough to make it down to Aruba this year. I am not expecting much. I am considering using an airline voucher I have to fly down and check out the sidegames and sattelites but I would much rather win an entry so I entered this tournament which pays entry to the $200 Aruba qualifier. It is late but I am still fairly alert. I get a decent run of cards and play my spots right. This is how it unfolds...

99 and a set on the flop puts me at 6800 with 24 left
5 of 17 after the break
75/150 blinds
55 call, fold on flop
66 fold to raise on flop
22 fold to riase on flop
down to 12th of 15
100/200 blinds
QQ no action but I get 500 in blinds
currently 9 out of 14
I foolishly piss away some chips trying to steal a pot in the wrong spot.
I get 88 and I am down to 2200 after my failed steal. I go all-in with two callers, sweep the pot and am back to 7K.

I dont actually recall how I busted out since I am posting this a day later but it was a valiant effort. I think I actually made it to the final table and went out in 9th but since my memory is poor and my last notes say 12th we will call it that. I feel good about my play and look forward to more attempts at Aruba.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Oh the Brutality!

It is simply amazing how abused I can get on the river. The last 2 or 3 days have been viscious. My recent loss in a $11 TEC SnG on UB was indicative of my recent luck. I can take it but man it sure does put a beating on ones ego sometimes. I am not the type to blow up and criticize the play of another person even if they suck out with a horrible call or draw. It just isnt my style. I love to talk trash but usually for the simple sake of amusement not over losing.

It was 3-handed and we were all at about 4k but I was just shy at 3900 in chips. I get pocket Aces which usually alleviates the stress of the hand and allows me to enjoy myself a bit at that moment in time. I reiase and double the pot against one caller. He goes all-in of course and I am happy. he turns over AT of clubs and I peer through squinted eyes just hoping I dont see a flop full of clubs.

No clubs in sight but a Q and J appear on the flop. I am not too worried but of course the K appears on the river and POW I am done. It was not a big loss even though I was hopin for a TEC to play another $100MT later tonight. I have had that same thing happen to me at least 3 times this weekend. Kings on the river make me wince. I told the boys good game and remarked that even that loss couldn't spoil my good mood. Ironicly a player in that same SnG had exploded earlier when his 88 lost to 66 when the river made him 6's full. He was cursing up a storm and calling him rookie and many other unpleasant things. Of course I couldnt resist throwing back some abusive words of my own cause I just love a sore loser. He went on and on and lingered so he could complain and remain abusive. I enjoyed the time ridiculing him and joking on him for being extremely mature, very emotional and probably on a losing streak. Afterall it was only $11. Ok Ok maybe I even followed him to a MT he was playing and laughed at him some more as he flushed some more chips. Maybe karma was paying me back. All in all I was pleased with my play in the SnG and just took it on the chin like a good sport. There will be plenty more ugly rivers in my future I am certain.

11AM $30 NL HE MT on UB

1st out of 111

I had a nice run. I kept my head on straight and got lucky on a few hands to pull of 1st place. Wheeeeee! It was much needed for both my bankroll and ego. So far this $999 win is my biggest win to date. Let's see if I can keep the momentum going.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Home Sweet Home

More home game action on the upper East side. Tonight we planned to run two events since a few of the organizers were feeling like they wanted more action than usual. We started the first game at 5pm and the second one around 10pm. They were starting a third game but I needed some sleep.

I had another good run of cards including pocket As three times. I also mixed up my play as usual and properly picked my spots. I won 1st place and 50% of tyhe prize pool in both events.

Event 1 ($20 NL HE with Rebuy)
$160 total prize pool

1st- Me
2nd- Alicia
3rd- Meg

Event 2 ($20 NL HE with Rebuy)
$140 total prize pool
1st- Me
2nd- Andre
3rd- Kevin

Friday, March 04, 2005

Still on break

Another day of no poker action.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Taking a break

No Poker today.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Breaking Even


I was off to a great start. At my first table I hit several good hands and took out 2 players to give me about 7k in chips before the blinds even hit 20/40. I was in second place for a while but it didn't last. I was moved to a new table and I slipped a bit but I continued to play fairly tight and conservative. Time passed and I did not get many hands to increase my stack and the blinds started to take a toll. I didnt get much help after that. I couldnt really find much to take a stand with and I was out in 14th place. Another valiant effort. I earned back my buy-in and a few extra dollars so it was a break even situation. I can accept that.

Aruba Dreams

I was up til 2am last night playing the 11PM Aruba qualifier tournament on UB. The winner of last night's tournament got paid entry into the Sunday $200 Aruba MTT tournament. The winner Sunday gets the Aruba prize package. It was rebuy tournament (yuck) but I was anxious to get some more MT action before pursuing dreamland and the $3 buyin is hard to resist. I went ahead and did a rebuy early in the tournament to give myself a nice stack to get agressive with. I scored a few nice hands and built up a nice stack early in the tournamant. I went for the add-on to stay competetive when the rebuy period was over. At that point my investment was up to $10. That put me at about 10k in chips. I had a good run and climbed up to 1st place when we were down to two tables.

In the end, I got lucky a few times and made it to the final table. Eleven places payout but only the top five places pay entry into the Sunday Aruba tournamant. I ended up with 6th place, 50+ bucks and even more final table experience. I wasn't all that disappointed since I played well, got lucky and at least made a little money for my time. I can see improvement in my game and that is all I can ask for at this stage. Constant improvement is reward enough.


I am spending most of my poker time playing on Ultimate Bet right now. I play random events on Pokerroom, Full Tilt and Empire as well but mostly UB. I am considering some action on Paradise or Poker starts just to see out what kind of multi-table tournamant action they have. I have checked out those sites but never made deposits becuase I liked other sites better. I hear good things about the action but I hate the software on those two sites. I may just stay put and enjoy the good stuff at UB.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a fairly good weekend for poker. I recently decided I cant afford to buy into tournaments larger than $50 without a TEC. I am addicted to MTTs and need a strategy to keep my bankroll healthy. I played a handful of SnGs which pay Tournament Entry Chips (TECs= $100 value) instead of cash for prizes. The payouts are pretty cool and I had reasonable sucess winning three chips in total. I definitely found some tougher opponents seated next to me at these SnGs. I saw many familiar faces and made some new friends at the tables. I used all 3 chips for larger buyin events this weekend. It was a good feeling to buyin for a total of $300 dollars with an invesment of only $50. It made me much more relaxed abut going all-in and making agressive moves. My results were not worth mentioning but it was great experience and my bankroll was grateful.

Monday, February 21, 2005

$100 MT on UB

I got seated with some great players this evening. I have seen some of these guys in the top 30 fairly often. I feel pretty decent about the fact that I have been there with them but still feel they are better players. One guy just had an article written about him on I have seen him place well consistently and see his name on the winner boards often. Whether it is true is not my concern. It keeps me respectful of their play and cautious which can only be good for my game. Several people at the table make mention of how tough a table it is going to be and they include my name. Aww shuxx.

Not long into the tournament, several aforementioned players bust out. My demise hastens as I make a move with 89c from middle position. I lead at the pot first. One player cold calls my bets to the river and beats me with pocket Ts when my various draws fail. This type of move isn't wisely executed so early and without the benefit of some table respect. I would say not at all but let's be realistic about my self control. No money, no glory and with lots of shame I go to bed.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I played another fun home game tonight with the peeps after losing my shirt all day online. We mutilated the structure to accomodate some new less experienced players. We played with one level of betting instead of a small and big bet. We added more chips to the starting stacks and extended the blind levels a bit. We used a poker clock for the first time too which made it a bit easier to manage. With 8 people, it was more fun and the game lasted longer. My favorite hand of the night had to be when I had 88 with 2 other callers after my early position check-raise. I flopped a full house when the flop appeared as A-A-8. I check raised down to one caller and he was forced to rebuy when his Aces didn't stand up. He had AT and could have hit a T to beat me. Oh yeah, we also added rebuys. It sweetened the pot a bit. In the end my wife got fourth and I got took third. My buddy Drew nabbed second and his co-worker friend Sandro happily took first to win a few bucks beyond the rebuys of his girlfriend. More home games... they are fun!

Daily Rundown

$20 NL HE SnG on BD

This win has me at double my original buy-in. Nothing tremendous but certainly feels good to keep it positive and climbing. (Here is where I jinx myself.)

$20 NL HE SnG UB
At 50/100 there were still ten people left and I was down to 440 chips.
I went out 10th with my AJ vs QT.

$10 Limit HE MT SnG Empire
I entered this accidentally thinking it was NL. There are not many limit MT SnGs and I goofed. I was doing well up until when the blinds hit 100/200 and I lost a few key hands that sent me packin. I like limit play when I am in the correct frame of mind. I tried to get things jump started but fell short. Next time I play limit it will probably be intentional and at a B&M casino.

$20 NL HE SnG UB
Lost with my 99 vs AA.

$20 NL HE SnG BD
Lost with my AK vs AA.

$10 NL HE SnG BD

$20 NL HE SnG BD

$20 NL HE SnG UB

$20 NL HE SnG UB

$20 NL HE SnG UB

$30 NL HE SnG UB

These results don't add up very nicely as you can see. My bankroll is a bit anemic. I am going to continue to have these problems if I keep playing at the level SnGs. I do not want to play lower buy-ins and do not not want to leave more profits in my accounts because I need to see returns for my sanity right now.

Friday, February 18, 2005

$100 NL HE MT on UB (in the money)

205 entered

This buy-in is a bit more than I should be investing. I have played a few MTs at this level but it usually drains my bankroll too much. At this price it usually caps about 200 players and not suprisngly, they tend to be better players.

Within 7 or 8 hands I get 99 in early position. It's me and one other player on the flop. I flop a set along with an Ace and a rag on the flop. I bet the minimum to induce. He bets 350 and I reraise and bet the pot. He goes all in and I call. He flips AQ and the turn brings a Q to give him 2 pair to my set. I brace myself for the worst. The river brings nothing relevant and I have the majority of his 2500 starting stack giving me abut 4800.

I get very few playable hands along the way. I proceeded to play very loose and wittle away 2k by the time the blinds are 50/100. I saw many flops and hit nothing. I folded on the flops but there were many of them so now I have 2800 with 96 players left putting me in 80th.

TT at 75/150 bleeds me when I raise the pot only to get reraised for all my chips and fold.

AA at 100/200 gave me a nice boost when I doubled up to 4990 putting me 50 out of 82.

Pre-flop: dave118 folds. david45431 raises to 600. weim folds. ORCCA calls. 1punkass re-raises to 900. Duke92 folds. 4cryinoutloud folds. helga calls. david45431 calls. ORCCA calls.
Flop (board: 9h Qh 3c): helga checks. david45431 checks. ORCCA checks. 1punkass goes all-in for 1615. helga calls. david45431 folds. ORCCA goes all-in for 195.
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show: ORCCA shows Kd Jd. 1punkass shows Kc Qs. helga shows 8s 8d.
Turn (board: 9h Qh 3c 5c): (no action in this round)
River (board: 9h Qh 3c 5c 2s): (no action in this round)

Showdown: ORCCA has Kd Jd 9h Qh 5c: king high. 1punkass has Kc Qs 9h Qh 5c: a pair of queens. helga has 8s 8d 9h Qh 5c: a pair of eights.

Three hours into the tournament and the blinds are 300/600. I scratched and clawed my way up to 12.5k putting me 22nd out of 31 remaining.

The blinds are up to 600/1200 and I am at 26k and we are down to 2 tables. I am already in the money. The money started at 30th but it is not an impressive reward yet. The final 2 tables are fairly agressive with many players opting to go all-in post-flop or sometimes pre-flop when they appeared to have a hand.

88 and some nice agressive betting puts me at 38k.
AQ and I am up to 60k and in the LEAD by more than 20k in chips!

The next hand I am dealt KK.
The flop appears as 8-8-8. I end up all-in.
He flips up AA.
I am down to 900 chips.

Nothing miraculous happens and I am out in 15th place. I more than cover my buy-in and make a reasonable profit but am devestated at my loss of opportunity. I am quite disappointed in myself. Nuff said.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

E. Village action

Played a friendly home game with the peeps. We played the usual SnG tournament structure starting with 2k in chips. There were only five of us. I had fun, got some good cards and took first. Thanks for the hospitality and action guys!

When I got home I continued the action. I ended up losing all of my nights winnings online. Not a devestating event since my net winnings were only $30 but not part of the plan either.

$20 SnG

$10 SnG

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mo Dog

$10 SnG

$25 MT
(not in the money)

I checked out the SnG action right away. It was a good game and I was able to pull of first. I also jumped into a MT tournament while I was plaing the SnG. The buy-in was more than I wanted to pay but there did not seem to be a large amount of MT action from what I could tell. I played anyway. I played very poorly and went out fairly early. The SnG win covered the MT loss and a few dollar loss from playing some .50/1 limit earlier. I was back to my buy-in.

$10 SnG

$20 SnG

Two more money wins at Bodog SnGs. LI hope to keep the good luck rolling.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New stuff

I registered on to see what the action was like. I thought it might be interesting since it is a sports betting site as well. I like the software. It is clean and efficient. They have a standard spread of poker action and the tournements jump off frequently enough so far. It's late so I will check out the action tomorrow.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Still At It

I had a few weeks in January that were very poor. I played poorly and hit lots of unfortunate luck casuing me to play even worse in a few situations. Playing 5 and 10 SnG can be frustrating enough. I like to play agressive sometimes but I have been working to fine tune my opportunistic agression. It seems to work especially if I respect the reraises. I also showdown an occasional big hand to make sure I get some credit for good hands.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Small Pairs

I would consider a small pair, anything 7 or under. In early position I like to mix up the play with this hand. I might raise it one mimimum bet from early or middle position. In late position I am more inclined to bet the pot or a medium raise. I dont often call a large raise with this hand however.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


I had a terrible run at SnGs on Ultimatebet and pokerroom this weekend. Here is a stretch of my impressive results:

$5 SnG PR 2nd hand KK called all-in agaist TT and AA
$5 SnG PR called all-in with AJ on 1st handlost
$5 SnG PR 4th
$5 SnG PR 2nd
$10 SnG PR 5th
$5 SnG PR 1st
$5 SnG PR 4th busted out with AA
$5 SnG PR 6th
$5 SnG on UB 8th busted out with AQh vs KK
$5 SnG on UB 9th busted out 1st hand with QQ vs 66
$5 SnG on PR 2nd
$5 SnG on UB 4th
$5 SnG on PR 6th
$5 SnG on UB 9th

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I have been keeping my banrolls low on a few sites, withdrawing frequently into my Neteller to optimize my profits. It is simply how I need to operate right now. I still have the occasional horrible swing and even some tilt so for me its best to keep it lean. I like to refund different accounts for bonuses anyway and I am a low limit player so it hasn't cramped my style. It has actually helpded me to ensure some profit. I did decide that I would play less MT with buyins higher than $20 just so I would not squander my lean baknrolls. I sat down tonight reminding myself of that fact and I have been well behaved about it the last two weeks.

My small pocket pairs have really been improving and paying me off tonight. I made 3-4 sets in one hour and also made a nice 2-6 straight with my pocket 5's. I came up against a guy who happened to hit a set of twos so I took him all in when he reraised my tiny trap bet on the turn after making the straight. He started the hand with 1900 in chips. It added nicely to my stack.

The next hour at a $30 MT was up and down. I made a few nice hands that paid off and made a few really nice hands that lost me some cash. I was back down to my buy-in for a bit.
I was feelin lucky and made a bonehead call for all my chips tryin to hit a one outer with one card to come. I like this draw with two cards to come and when I lead at the pot. I rarely would call especially for all my chips. I just wanted to take a big jump but instead I took a big fall. I am sure I could have made it pretty far without any big increases so I feel stupid. No real lesson to learn unfortunately. Just don't be a bonehead again. (64th out of 233 )

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Late, Lean & Hungry

I worked later than usual but figured I would play a bit. I am going to see how I do playing less games per day. I often balance out early evening losses with late night winnings. Sometimes a small loss will put me back in line because I scold myself so badly over it. I have certainly tilted out in the late evening to finish a nice losing streak too but just not lately.

98 out of 138
It was an Ultimate Bet guranteed prize pool which is the only way I like to play $5 MT. They are great fun but not terribly lucrative considering the dollars per hour usually your receive when you win. I just like higher limits when I need to commit 3+ hours. All of that is irrelevamt of course since I ended up sitting out a bit during dinner to keep household harmony. I raised all-in with pocket 7s and a good feeling about my starting cards based on how the action went down. Three players all in with mid to low stacks and they turn up 33 and 55. I was lookin good until the flop when it fell apart with another 3. No wonder everyone had huge stacks when I returned. It was a rebuy tournament with an add-on. It was also a qualifier for an upcoming $200 MT. All I qualified for was pathetic.

5th $20 NL HE SnG
I opted to sit down for a SnG on Full Tilt. My bankroll was still healthy there. I snagged KK early in the match. I lost some blood but had to throw them away to survive. One familiar face at the table from the same format the other night. I got KK again late in the match but it was still 5 handed. I got called by A7 and got busted. Loser!

Absolute Crap

I checked out Absolute Poker since they were running a 35% deposit bonus. The bonus there does not allow you to withdraw your depoit for about 48hrs which is lame but didnt presnt a real problem. I usually make a deposit, withdraw it all then commence to earn my bonus. I didnt earn much bonus before I withdrew all my funds. The software was very ugly. The action was pretty good with a nice variety of tournament and Sit & Go offerings. There seemed to be some sort of memory issue with their software on my main system so it made my computer run very slow. It worked better on my laptop but it wasnt worth the trouble. Plenty of other sites with better looking and running software.

Tumultuous Tide

I ran even even a bit and then down this last week. It is not traumatic, just disappointing. I think it is a combination of factors but most it is a small amount of bad play on my part. Some old habits coming back a bit perhaps. I can usually offset a handful of small losses with a good medium sized win to keep my bankroll healthy. I have also been playing more MT tournaments then my bankroll can sustain given my low frequency of winning final table money. There is certainly no real money for anything after 8th place. I need to step up my final table finishes.
I decided in order to keep the bankroll healthy, I would cut back on my MT tournament play and go back to Sit n Go basics. Cash games will be very limited also until bankroll tranquility is once again restored. I enjoy playing the MT's and will mostly just cut back on the higher limit ones. I feel I have learned a tremendous amount in the last two months regarding decent tournament play. Sklanksy helped quite a bit.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Sit n Go Madness

All NL HE-

4th $10 SnG
3rd $10 SnG
5th $10 SnG

I played these on Empire and UltimateBet. I can only recall that I could have played these better. I made a few bad calls and moves and this is how it came out. I probably should have called it quits after that. I certainly took a break and tried to shake that off.

I played for a while on Full Tilt Poker. I like this site quite a bit although there isnt much action. The avatars on poker sites rarely interest me but the ones there are the best I've seen. I usually would prefer to just hide that sort of thing. The site also has a cool way of hilighting the tables where the Full Tilt pro players are playing. Some of the pros have low limit NL tables named after themselves with a reserved seat so you can get a sit down with a pro. When they are not there, the table is an odd 8 handed though. Otherwise the tables are 9 and 6 handed. I prefer the 10 handed sites. More money. I have only played with a few pros on that site because I don't seek it out and I only play lower limits. The action tends to be fun with a nice mix of skilled players otherwise. And they have Razz!

9th $5 2-Table SnG

1st $20 SnG FT
I was pot commited early in the tournament with QQ. I get re-raised all-in and I call knowing I am beat by AA. I was right but spiked a third Q on the turn to double up.

4th $20 SnG FT
1st $10 SnG FT
4th $20 2-Table SnG

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Miserable Daily Highlights

Empire $30 3-Table NL HE SNG
19 out of 30

109th out of 694

$50 2-Table SNG
2nd out of 20

UB $10 SNG
3rd out of 10